Battery Information Released

You asked and we heard! We have compiled more information about batteries and the current market.

It's a complex topic, but one that is very exciting. Demand for battery storage technology has never been higher, with Australia dreaming of independence from energy price fluctuations and the politics around coal. Residents of the Strathbogie Shire are no exception, and we have received a huge number of inquiries about batteries as part of this bulk buy. While the technology is still out of reach for the average household, we have put together some information that should help you better understand how batteries work an their place within the current market.

Also responding to the resounding demand, Cherry Energy Solutions is currently in negotiations with a select few battery providers to establish a range of options for the Bogie Bulk Buy, with a set of options to be released on August 31st.

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This is a Strathbogie Shire program powered by the Yarra Energy Foundation. Cherry Energy Solutions is the solar provider.