Nagambie Info Session

Our second information session was held in Nagambie over the weekend.

Bryce McClaren was the youngest in attendance, and at seven years old has a solid grasp on the importance of solar and how it works. A promising sign for the future of Strathbogie Shire!


With a focus on the finer details of how the Bogie Bulk Buy works, the morning offered residents of Nagambie a clear picture of the benefits of installing solar through the program. Cherry Energy Solutions were on hand to answer questions, and YEF explained their role as independent energy experts.

A key message that underlined both presentations was that if solar is not right for your situation, Cherry will tell you. This might be because your roof is too shaded, or your energy usage patterns do not match solar output. Having already discouraged 3 Bogie Bulk Buy registrants last week, Cherry is not interested in selling solar to households and businesses that won't see a clear benefit and strong return on investment. It is this transparency that makes going solar through a council-supported Bulk Buy such a great opportunity; it offers a safety net and connects you with a company that you can trust.

Next stop: Violet Town.

A coal fired power plant as drawn by Bryce, with the cross indicating that this is not the answer for his generation.

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This is a Strathbogie Shire program powered by the Yarra Energy Foundation. Cherry Energy Solutions is the solar provider.